Date: 5-10-2018
LOCATION: Strandweg 150 Scheveningen beach

Throwing a three-day street art / graffiti event on the beach in the first weekend of October does not guarantee good weather. However, we were incredibly lucky, the weather was fantastic again! Not a gush of wind and a lot of sun.

In one weekend approximately 50 artists transformed the wall of more than 250 metres into a piece of art. While the artists enjoyed a drink and a bite (BBQ) in a great atmosphere, visitors and passersby could enjoy all the wonderful work that was being created. The wall will remain until the summer of 2019. It really is worth going there and seeing the finished works if you haven’t already!

Artists: Patrick Artdrenaline, Lily Brik, Mickey (TFP), Pop Eye, Cosh, Fetish/Dphazer, Tres, Klash, Jim (UA), Psy, Serge KB, Riser, Sone, SOGO, Shake, Srek, Jet, Bingo, Ringo, Micha, Spel/outliner, Kasr, Angst, Sense, Cruse, Cobra, Sign, team Blazin, Talib, Steen, Moshe, Dazr, Xtract, Calve, Cake, Beyond, Scage, Beas, Croas, RakeStreken, Maedist/Sjors Kouthoofd, Kater, SDM, Gusto, Stoog, Surch, Senk, Ox alien & Boem

Pictures: Valerie Kuypers
Video: Zeeger Verschuren