Date: 09-06-2017
LOCATION: s Gravenzande Marktplein 5

In mid-May we were approached by BPD project developer who was realizing a new shopping center in s-Gravenzande. PBD was looking for a creative way to open the mall and wanted a mural to do this. They came to the right place!

After several meetings with the client, BPD chose artist Sophia den Breems who made a great design for the opening. The design consists of two Dutch Counts who are shopping in the new mall. Sophia linked the past with te present s-Gravenzande by doing this.

Because there were only 10 days to paint, THSA arties Sjors Koofoofd helped out with the project's execution. After working hard and spending some evenings painting the wall, Sophia and Sjors had the mural finished on time for the opening on June 9th. Once revealed by a large curtain, the positive reactions of neighborhood residents, entrepreneurs and PBD flowed in. A very nice project, where Street Art really gave a positive contribution to the neighborhood!

Photo: Gordon Meuleman