Date: 20-01-2017
LOCATION: Frietwinkel Den Haag Korte Poten 23

The Hague Street Art presents Parallel Exposure! A new concept where an artist connected to THSA exhibits in two locations simultaneously.

Parallel Exposure was developed in collaboration with de Frietwinkel (“Fries shop”) and B-aparthotel Kennedy in The Hague. Next year we will organize several exhibitions at these locations.

Friday, January 20 we had the opening party of the first exhibition of Serge Kortenbroek at ‘De Frietwinkel’. This was a great success! Serge is a versatile artist with a passion for drawing, painting and graffiti. Serge’s work begins with a note or a rough sketch and forms into a new work of art.

When Serge runs into discarded things he finds on the street, he’ll take them home to paint them in order to give them a renovated new life. Serge gets a lot of inspiration from his daily activities, so he doesn’t run short on inspiration or passion, but he is currently so busy that many of his ideas stay ideas. In the future, Serge would be preferably tackle walls and old buildings with his art.


Photos: Thomas Vahé