Date: 25-06-2016
LOCATION: Paard van Troje Prinsegracht 12

The highlight of the I Love Hip Hop Festival was the event at the Paard van Troje, with lots of performances, breakdance battles, rap battles and of course Street Art.
In addition to the awesome Tape Art installation by THSA affiliated artist Micha de Bie, the Lastplak crew and their friends were invited by THSA to impress the audience with their art.

The Lastplak collective is known for their colourful, playful cartoons and the People's Choise Award at the 1st Dutch Street Art Awards this year. More information about Lastplak can be found on their website:

Besides Lastplak, also their befriended artists Dood Konijn and Gwenst made a large part of the artwork.


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