Over de kunstenaar

Jill Martens, also known as `Shake`, is a brilliant Dutch graffiti artist from The Hague. Although his career started being a graffiti virtuoso, painting anything from walls to trains, from cars to furniture. Jill developed himself into a more all-round graphics designer and he has taken graffiti-art onto the next level. Taking the street style art form from walls to canvas, his paintings have now been auctioned at Sotheby`s and have been exposed from Antwerp to Barcelona. He was even asked to beautify a fifty meter long wall, inside the (in)famous Scheveningen correctional facility (prison), and he painted the whole training facility for the Dutch Olympic beach volleyball team. Although Jill spends a lot more time these days designing computer-rendered graphics and lay-outs, and painting his art, he will always feel the shivers down his spine, when looking at a big empty wall…Never being able to part from his roots, he will always have a passion for graffiti writing.